Memoirs of Saline Valley

A love affair for the mountains, hot tubs, affairs and turmoils of
living in the Saline Valley.

This is a book about life, living and survival. You get to meet the various characters, who are all well described. Then you get to grow your own vegetables, drink wine, get naked in a hot spring, experience the conflicts that arrise with people who live in secluded hermitic areas and of course you experience the loss of the inevitable event of leaving a place you love and call home.

After finishing this book I knew I had to visit this place and I
guess that is exactly what the Author, Pamela Savelo, had in mind
or I am sure the Author would like it if no one ever again visited
this pristine place so that it will remain always in her mind as
it was.

Life goes on and the people change but the hot springs, the dogs,
creatures and other denizens who go bump in the night, will always remain the same.

The mountains and the seclusion of Saline Valley have peaked my
interest. A very nice pleasant, entertaining and visually perfect book. Buy it for a good read and make plans for your next trip.

Joseph M. Urich

Great storytelling. A joy from start to finish. This book transformed me out of my everyday world to a journey into the desert – a land of nature, music, adventure and friends….I couldn’t put it down….What a fun journey this was! I may even make a trip out there just so I can experience a little bit of it myself!

Kerry Regan

What an adventure. You are there. I was there. Saline Valley seems endless. Aloneness or companionship take on special meaning in this alien environment. The incredible mental phenomena that rears its head is yours alone. Go on this adventure. Supplies are optional.

Cal Thomas


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